AUKSO company offers services in the engineering design of automotive components, systems, parts, assemblies, or parts thereof, as well as the design of vehicles and trailers as a whole.

The company is working on the CAD / CAM system design. At the moment, the company has everything you need to work with mathematical models, as well as skilled professionals to solve any problems in the field of three-dimensional design. Three-dimensional modeling - is building a 3D model of a physical object, an image (thumbnail) or photographs using different colors and shapes. It should be noted that the creation of 3D models - is not the creation of images and the exact reproduction of a model of any object, including all the existing laws of physics.

We provide services for 3D scanning (three-dimensional scanning) of objects of various sizes and details. Three-dimensional or 3D-scan - is to get three-dimensional computer model of the object by non-contact 3D scanning of its physical form c by the subsequent processing on the computer, specialized programs. As a result, you get a three-dimensional scanning 3D model of the object as a file with information about the sites of the object surface in the format of STL. This file can be exported to any popular program for 3D modeling and CAD-design.

Rapid Prototyping 3D models (3D-prototyping) - is the creation of a physical object layer by layer, which corresponds to a mathematical model presented in CAD-format. This technique differs from traditional production methods, in that it is carried out by layerwise build material from which the model is composed. Rapid prototyping of products does not provide for the removal of material (milling, drilling, stitching) or change its shape (forging, stamping, rolling, bending). With the help of 3D-prototyping at the design stage, you can evaluate the results and make any necessary changes to the project - a three-dimensional prototyping allows you to thereby reduce the costs associated with product development.

According to customer requirements, our specialists are able to design any product design or mechanism. Development of stylistic solutions begins with the coordination of all the requirements for a new product, then the designer starts to work to find the style in thumbnail sketches, which are also in agreement with the customer, the main directions of style. The final stage of work is the performance of the selected option demonstration sketches of the object from different angles development and preparation of the presentation for the customer.

Aukso Engineering is ready to:

  • Take your geometry and produce prototypes.
  • 3D object scanning
  • Design new geometry and produce prototypes.
  • 3D object printing
  • CAE Analisys
  • Develop and manufacture prototype devices.
  • Develop and manufacture existing body facelift design.
  • Develop and manufacture vehicle parts or systems.
  • Develop and manufacture race car prototype.
  • Engine conversion project developing as well manufacture.
Van design Chassis Chassis Gauge panel COMBAT facelift Rear axle

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